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About Green Edventures


Green Edventures was founded in 2008 to help teachers bridge classroom concepts with real-world experience by providing eye-opening, life-changing opportunities for their students to explore living laboratories in Baja Mexico and South-central Alaska. Today 80% of our clients are teacher-led student groups and students, 10% adults, and the other 10% colleges and informal educational organizations. Since our first high school student adventures in 2008, Green Edventures has grown to extend our exciting educational eco-adventures for colleges, zoos groups, and adult travel groups as well.


About the Team

Green Edventures LLC is an insured US-based company working with expert teams in Alaska and Mexico to provide high quality adventures led by local experts and guides in the locations we explore. Follow this link to meet the Founder and Director and to learn more about the people we are working with to provide extraordinary experiences in some of the world's most amazing places. Read more...




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