Students! Make your summer count! Dive into marine biology as you snorkel with wild sea lions, experience climate change as you ice hike on a massive glacier, or feel like you are going back in time by visiting ancient cultures. You'll do what most people only dream about. You will make new friends, explore wild places, earn college credit and service hours, and discover yourself while learning new outdoor skills like snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, and camping.


We're currently offering programs for...


Individual High School Students Seeking a Summer Eco-Adventure Program:
Individual high school students ages 15-19 from around the US participate in Green Edventures each summer. The enrollment procedure requires a letter of interest and teacher recommendation. Individual students are then paired with a group of similar age and interest and a group leader to correspond with before the trip. If the group or group leader is not in that student’s area, Facebook groups allow participants to “meet” each other before the program begins.


Summer 2014

Baja Mexico Sea Quest

Alaska Kenai Discovery


High School & Middle School Students Traveling with a Group:
Participants are ages 12-19 and travel with a teacher from their school. Participants are invited by their teacher to participate in a educational eco-adventure. Many of our participants come from WI, IL, NE, and MI.


College Students:
College groups are arranged through a specific college or university. The program is tailored to the group’s academic or research interests. Click here for upcoming college groups to join.


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Who are Green Edventures' Students?

They are budding eco-warriors, future naturalists and marine biologists. Teens who love interacting with people from different cultures, science and the environment are Green Edventures participants. They explore wild places, have up close encounters with mega fauna, and work side-by-side with other students while collecting valuable field data for local conservation efforts. We work with teacher-led groups and individual teens seeking an environment-based eco-adventure program in Alaska or Mexico during the summer.



What are the physical requirements?

Check each program for specific requirements. In general for snorkeling programs you must know how to swim and for all others be in excellent physical and emotional health with the ability to follow directions. You don't have to be an athlete to participate, but it is a good idea to go walking or jogging a few months before your trip. All activities are optional.


Who arranges travel for my son or daughter to Green Edventures' program?

All flights are booked through Ridgebrook Travel Agency in Deerfield, IL. Instruction on how to purchase plane tickets and travel insurance will be sent to you once your child is enrolled in the program. All student participants must use this agency to ensure accurate arrangements have been made.


Is Eco-Adventure Safe?

Parents! Safety is our number one priority. Our students are your babies and we want to ensure that their time with us is happy, healthy, and educational. Our friendly and knowledgeable eco-adventure guides are experts in their field and will teach your teen the skills necessary to trek, paddle, or snorkel into that wild place. There are is at least 1 adult chaperone per 7 students and group size is limited to 24 participants with 4 adults in addition to the guides. Understandably, risk is a factor in all of our programs due to the remote nature of the destinations and activities involved. We encourage you to call and talk with the Director, Tara Short at 1-888-622-4911 or email your questions to


How do students pay for the Edventure?

Participants can pay Green Edventures in full or in installments by mail using a check or credit card until May 15th by enrolling in an interest-free monthly installment plan. Airfare and travel insurance will be paid in full to the Ridgebrook Travel Agency in Deerfield, IL..


Do you have references?

Yes! Send us an email or call and we will put you in touch with other teachers or students who have participated in Green Edventures.


Is Green Edventures' Insured?

Yes, Green Edventures carries a 2 Million Dollar Aggregate General Liability Coverage. This is not a substitution for participant accident insurance. All participants, including teachers and chaperones must purchase travel insurance to cover unforeseen travel related or medical emergencies. Ambassador Travel Agency will assist you with this.


What are your group your sizes?

The group sizes varies on the destination but typically there are 14-24 participants and adult chaperones and at times groups of 7 students plus adult chaperones.


How do I get more information about college credit?

Participants who are at least a Junior in high School at the time of participation may pair their educational experience with 1-credit through the University of WI-Stevens Point for an additional fee. Green Edventures is helping all full paying students by providing partial scholarships up to 50% of UWSP's tuition for all eligible students who enroll in the college credit option. A short assignment will be due after the field program. More information will be provided after you enroll in Green Edventures. Please feel free to call 1-888-622-4911 to discuss.


Do you have blogs or YouTube Videos about your Edventures?

Yes! Green Edventures is connected to participants and fans through several social media sites linked below. Watch videos of us swimming with whale sharks or dancing with native Alaskans. Reading the student blogs will give you a great perspective about activities and just how much students LOVE Green Edventures. Check out the photo gallery on Facebook to see our students in action.


YouTube Channel:

Blog "Your Life in HD":


Ready to enroll?

Go to Enroll Now for more information or if your traveling with a group from your school or organization contact your Group Leader for more information. Please feel free to contact Green Edventures if you still have questions at 1-888-622-4911 or Contact Us


What our students have to say...

“I can honestly say that this has been one of the best trips I have ever been on. Being able to swim with whale sharks and sea lions and celebrate my birthday with you and the Fun Baja crew has been amazing and an honor. Thank you so much for all that you have done for us!” Kelsey L., VA


“These have been some of the best days of my life! The entire trip was so well planned and organized. My favorite part was my time on the island. I loved the seclusive atmosphere and the ability to get closer to my classmates and the staff. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this trip.” Kirby D., VA


“I cannot thank you enough for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Every moment has been amazing. This trip was just about the coolest experience I have ever had. If I had to pick my favorite part it would be hiking up to Exit Glacier. The blue ice was unworldly and worth the steep hike up! I also loved the kayaking trip, boat ride, and well, pretty much everything else. I don't know how you managed to organize such an incredible and enriching program, but whatever you did, you did good! Hopefully I can join you again soon on another exciting adventure. I will always remember the time I spent in Alaska!” Molly N., MN.