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For Teachers and Other Group Leaders

Amy is an adventurous teacher from Illinois who cares about environmental conservation. She participates in the Baja program with her students.

Teachers, college professors, and youth group leaders take your students on an eco-adventure they'll never forget. Educators travel free! Earn graduate level college credit from the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point.


Look no further for an educational and engaging way to get your students excited about science, culture, and global issues.



What is Green Edventures?

Green Edventures provides week-long, educational programs which teach students about ecology, Latin American Culture, Spanish Language, and conservation along with skill-building outdoor eco-adventure activities. Our edventures are designed for educational groups such as middle school, high school and college students as well as zoos, aquariums, nature centers and park districts.


How do I sign Up or Request More Information?

Choose a program (Alaska or Baja) and date then contact us for availability. Email or call 1-888-622-4911


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The Green Edventures' Director, Tara Short, will schedule a time to talk with you over the phone to go over our policies, recruiting time line and give you access to the promotional materials in our secure site (above). We will pencil you in the schedule. There are no membership fees or financial commitments to reserve a place in the schedule to try to recruit a group of students.


How does Green Edventures Benefit Teachers?

  • Teacher chaperones go free including airfare with 7-10 paying students depending on the program destination.
  • Earn graduate credit through the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and continuing education credits from your district.
  • Invite a guest for a discounted rate.
  • Teacher chaperones will receive one-on-one support and recruiting materials.
  • The only payment you collect is the initial deposit.
  • You will gain a better understanding of classroom concepts through first-hand observation and field instruction.
  • Bond with your students on a unique outdoor adventure field experience tailored to your groups' skill levels and interests.
  • You will feel good knowing that your students will remember their trip for the rest of their lives, and that you chose a company that is carbon-neutral, sustainable, supports local guides conservation efforts in the places we visit.

What do I do after I am penciled into the schedule?

You will be given the log in code to the recruiting documents for group leaders. A recruiting timeline will be determined for you and your group based on when you are penciled in the schedule. Green Edventures accepts groups throughout the school year, but most group leaders organize their groups before March and add individual students until just before the planned eco-adventure. Enrolling your group in the fall is the best option for students and parents to pay in low monthly installments until May 15th for summer eco-adventures. The sooner your group enrolls the longer they have to pay and the smaller the installments.



How do students pay for the Edventure?

Teachers collect the initial deposit and mail it to Green Edventures. The remaining program tuition will be billed to participants by Green Edventures directly. Participants can pay Green Edventures in full or in installments until May 15th by enrolling in an interest-free monthly installment plan. Airfare and travel insurance will be paid in full to Ridgebrook Travel Agency in Deerfield, IL.




Does my trip have to be school-sponsored?

This is a question we hear a lot. The answer is no. Your trip does not have to be school-sponsored. More than half of the groups that participate with Green Edventures are non school-sponsored. Before you promote your trip at school talk with your administration to learn about what your school/organization’s policies are regarding organizing a field experience for your students. Then give us a call and we can help you navigate through the recruiting process regardless of your status as school-sponsored or non school-sponsored.


How do I earn College Credit.

Eligible teachers and chaperones will receive a full scholarship for 1-graduate credit or undergraduate credit through the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point with a full group (7) of full paying students.


To earn college credit, an assignment will be due and a letter grade will be issued. The credit is transferable to many colleges and universities around the US and may help increase your level on your district pay scale. If you have questions about credit transfers or the assignment please contact us, and we will put you in touch with the right people at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. Information about how to enroll for the credit will be provided upon your group’s enrollment with Green Edventures. Contact us Tara Short for more information 1-888-622-4911.


Do you have references?

Yes! Send us an email or call and we will put you in touch with other teachers who have trusted us to lead their students on our eco-adventures.


Is Green Edventures' Insured?

Yes, Green Edventures carries a 2-million dollar aggregate general liability policy on its behalf. This is not a substitution for participant accident insurance. All participants, including teachers and chaperones must purchase travel insurance to cover unforeseen travel related or medical emergencies. Ambassador Travel Agency will assist you with this.


What are your group sizes?

Teachers love our small groups. The group sizes varies on the destination but typically there are 14-24 participants and their teachers. If your group is 7 or less, you may be paired with another school or organization during your program week.


Do teachers share sleeping quarters with students?

Teacher chaperones will not share a room with a single student but may be sharing dorm style accommodations with their students of the same sex. All efforts will be made to give teacher's their own accommodations which may include you rooming with another chaperone of the same sex. You may be able to upgrade your room if space is available for an additional fee.


Do you have blogs or YouTube Videos about your Edventures?

Yes! Green Edventures is connected to participants and fans through several social media sites linked below. Watch videos of us swimming with whale sharks or dancing with native Alaskans. Reading the student blogs will give you a great perspective about activities and just how much students LOVE Green Edventures. Check out the photo gallery on Facebook to see our students in action.





YouTube Channel:

Blog "Your Life in HD":



What is your cancellation and refund policy?

After you submit the students' deposits you and each participant are committed to participating. If you are unable to participate for any reason you are responsible for finding a suitable replacement chaperone. If a participant cancels for any reason, the participant forfeits all monies paid. We do however, accept substitutions until March of the program year. Green Edventures reserves the right to deny substitutions. Contact us for details. Because we work with small, locally owned guides, this adventure requires year long planning and early financial commitments with our contractors to ensure they can work with us during their busiest time of year.

s required.


How do we arrange flights to a Green Edventures' destination?

We have partnered with Ridgebrook Travel Agency in Deerfield, IL. Instructions will be provided to you after you send in deposits on how to contact the agency to book your group's flight to the program destination.

What type of teacher chooses Green Edventures for their students?

Phil is a teacher from Michigan who brings his students to Baja to learn about Marine Science in the Sea of Cortez.Science Teachers, Spanish Instructors, Etc. :

Any academic discipline is welcome. We will modify our curriculum to meet you needs but we will relate them to our core objectives on ecology and conservation.




Dedicated People:

There are no up front costs or commitments to try to organize a group of students from your academic institution but we do expect an honest follow through and whole-hearted attempt to promote this opportunity to your students. The success of the trip starts with your efforts and enthusiasm.


Low Maintenance Types Required:

Eco-travel means roughing it a bit. Green Edventures believes in good food, and clean and comfortable accommodations, but some creature comforts you are accustomed to may be sacrificed to leave a smaller impact on the places we travel to. Leave your hair dryer at home and expect a few nights without air conditioning. Group leaders can be assured they will always be given separate sleeping areas from their students.


Patty is a teacher from Wisconsin. She and took her students to Alaska to experience wilderness and learn about climate change..Physical Requirements:

Group leaders will need to accompany students on the daily activities and therefore should be in excellent physical health and able to participate in the program itinerary which may include swimming, hiking up steep inclines, and scrambling over rocks or uneven terrain. At times activities can be physically strenuous, but we will work with you and your students to create an experience to meet your needs. Look over the specific program's itinerary and talk to us about your concerns or requests. All skill levels are welcome. Activities range from easy to moderately difficult.


What other teachers have to say...

"Once again, you amazed us with an experience of a lifetime! We loved this trip not only all of the experiences, but also the amount of attention and care you've given to selecting people to work with. It is obvious that the students have learned a ton and we appreciate the effort it takes to help them learn and mature throughout the week. We love what you're doing here." Love, Mels and Phil Z., MI


"I love the way you connect with my students. Your passion for the environment inspires me to be a better teacher and incorporate more environmental topics into my lessons. Keep it up! You make a difference and have changed my kids’ appreciation for traveling and environmental concerns. I’ll be back again! Thanks for everything! "Love, ya! Amy H., IL


"The kids are in my room all the time, telling me how great AK was. I put an Alaska "shrine" on the wall (state map with lots of our photos on it). Thanks so much for a most incredible trip, we will all remember it forever." You rock! Patty M.,WI


I still have more questions. Can I talk with someone?

Yes and we encourage it. Call the Director, Tara Short at 1-888-622-4911 or email