Green Edventures supports conservation and alternative energy through participants' tution. Together we are making the world better one trip at a time.
  Travel With a Purpose Earn College Credit
  The only thing better than discovering the world is leaving it a better place than you found it.
-Costa Christo
Author, eco-traveler, conservationist.

www.uwsp.eduGreen Edventures' participants can earn college credit through the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.



Life-Changing Reasons to Travel with Green Edventures

Our participants travel with a purpose.

Green Edventures' programs are summer camp evolved. Participants who are accepted on each adventure know they are here to learn, explore, and make a difference in that place. Green Edventures supports community-based eco-tourism whenever possible and always hires local guides.


Meet the Green Edventures Team


Earn College Credit.

A Green Edventures trip is an experience of a lifetime. Pair that with college credit and it becomes an experience that benefits you for a lifetime. Green Edventures works with the University of WI- Stevens Point to allow participants the opportunity to take their educational adventure to a higher level. Teachers, chaperones and students may further their academic goals by combining the week-long adventure with a credit through UWSP for an additional fee.


Our trips help build foundations which allow students to thrive in a global society.

Travel breaks down barriers, makes us more tolerant of others, increases our decision making skills, and makes us better able to cope with change.

Hands on education and direct observation makes a lasting impression.

Hearing about global warming is one thing, seeing Al Gore on TV is another; standing at the terminal end of a calving glacier is a powerful experience and brings new meaning to not just physical geography but also sound bites buzzing around the media like global warming. Environmental science and cultural studies are global and social concepts that are too difficult to grasp within the limits of four walls. Green Edventures provides opportunities to see wild places, interact with distant cultures and along the way participants gain a broader perspective about the world and discover themselves, too.


Motivation for the unmotivated student.

After a field experience students are more likely to work harder and improve their academic performance. Through travel, students see that the world is bigger than their own backyard and people are different from their home town. They literally see a whole new world of possibilities.

The Green Edventures Ethic?

Green Edventures programs are designed specifically for students that have an interest in eco-adventure, cultural studies and the natural sciences including environmental science and stewardship. Each adventures has a nice balance in all areas from activities to academics to free-time. Each week is specifically developed around the interest and skill-levels of the group.


Green Edventures' programs focus around three "E" Values:

  1. Education: Participants will become familiar with the native plants and animals, the physical geography of the region, and local cultures. Teens will see how their lifestyles affect local and global ecosystems, and learn tangible ways that they can make a positive difference for the environment.
  2. Environmental: All of our edventures are carbon neutral and directly support indigenous people and local conservation efforts. Through first-hand observation, and informal discussion, participants will begin to understand their place in the ecological community, the implications of the current land ethic as it relates to their culture, and compare it to the values and beliefs of cultures indigenous to the region.
  3. Empowerment: Participants will gain hands-on experience and service hours volunteering as citizen scientists and will experience many new outdoor skills such as kayaking, snorkeling and free-diving, or glacier trekking. Trained local or indigenous people are hired as guides, cooks, drivers and all other aspects of the program needs which in turn provide money to families for preserving their natural resources for tourism instead of consuming natural areas for one-time benefits.

Green Edventures' programs adhere to these eco-tourism principals:

  1. Respect and know the characteristics of the environment and culture of the area.
  2. Be efficient with natural resources such as water and electricity.
  3. Minimize impact to the area by practicing leave no trace principals.
  4. Stay informed about new initiatives and techniques for environmental conservation.
  5. Receive proper education and training in eco-tourism for the activities practiced.
  6. Employ guides and crew who know and respect the environment and local culture.
  7. Purchase products from the region which support local communities.
  8. Abstain altering wildlife and habitat.
  9. Abstain from buying or taking endangered or threatened species
  10. Comply with regulations that apply to protected areas.
  11. Comply with security rules and standards
  12. Provide truthful and accurate information to participants about the local environment and culture.

Meet the Green Edventures Team.

Learn more about the people of Green Edventures here or call 1-888-622-4911!