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Group Summer Educational Adventures for teacher-led student groups, youth groups, individual teens or college students and adult eco-adventures in Alaska or Mexico.


College credit through the University of WI- Stevens Point is available. To enroll in our educational adventures or for more information about Green Edventures contact us at 1-888-622-4911 or email info@greenedventures.com.


Kayaking in Resurrection Bay, near Seward, Alaska.Alaska Kenai Discovery

Alaska Kenai Discovery is an action-packed adventure at the top of the world. With almost 24 hours of day light it is like having two weeks for the price of one. Sea Kayak with marine mammals and diving birds, hike on a massive glacier, explore temperate rainforest, dance with native Alaskans and participate in conservation projects. Click here to read more





Swimming with sea lions in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.Baja Mexico Sea Quest

Explore the Sea of Cortez and experience the rich cultural history of Baja, Mexico. We will journey from Espiritu Santo Island, La Paz to Cabo Pulmo Marine Park for the ultimate marine science and desert ecology expedition. Snorkel with wild sea lions and float over fish-filled coral reefs. Sea Kayak along remote islands, camp on beaches and desert canyons. Click here to read more




Cortez Academy (Spanish Language & Marine Biology)

The Cortez Academy is a Spanish language immersion program for high school students with an emphasis on the marine ecology and culture of the Sea of Cortez and the Baja California Sur desert hosted by Green Edventures, in partnership with several locally owned businesses and families in La Paz. The program was developed from our flagship adventure Sea Quest and provides a longer, more immersive academic experience for students.Click here to read more




The greatest summer! Go to Alaska and Baja Mexico in a 16-day adventure with Green Edventures.North - South Ultimate Adventure

Spend 8 days snorkeling the crystal clear waters and fish-filled coral reefs of Baja Mexico and the next week sea kayaking misty green fjords and 8 days studying whales and other marine mammals in Alaska. Combine your adventures, save money, and create the the biggest adventure of the summer. More Click here